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Comrades online entries are now closed as the cap of 20 000 entries has been reached.



View the list of entries for Comrades Marathon 2016.



Entry Cap for 2016 is 20,000.


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Runners have raised millions of rands for good causes since the race began.

Spirit of Comrades 2007

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The Comrades Marathon Association held its annual awards ceremony in Durban on Friday 5 October, at which it presented the Harmony Spirit of Comrades Awards to three deserving recipients.

Harmony Spirit of Comrades Awards are presented annually to a maximum of three individuals who are “esteemed to embody the Spirit of the Comrades Marathon”. Previously known as Platinum Medal Awards, they have been presented annually since 1995 at the discretion of the CMA Board of Trustees on the basis of nominations received from CMA members, Comrades Marathon runners and the general public.

The criteria for the awards is deliberately wide enough to accommodate Comrades Marathon winners, legends, volunteers and otherwise ordinary heroes who through individual acts of sacrifice, service, courage or perseverance, either in a single race, or over a period of time, demonstrate the noble qualities associated with the race.

The first Spirit of Comrades Award for 2007 was presented to Val Wilkinson, one of the invaluable people behind the scenes who enable others to participate.

Val has been associated with road running since the formation of Rocky Road Runners in 1976 and her contribution has been in the form of the unselfish support of runners, initially at club level, then provincial and eventually at a national level. As a club administrator and supporter, Val has “seconded” literally hundreds of runners in their Comrades training over the years, especially along the legendary Rockies “long runs” which were particularly popular during the 80’s and 90’s.

Val has also been associated with the Rockies Comrades panel meetings since their inception in 1979, indirectly benefiting thousands of aspiring Comrades runners. Although not in the limelight as a presenter, Val works behind the scenes to co-ordinate the arrangements that enable invaluable and informative presentations by Don Oliver, Denis Tabakin and other expert guests. Together with husband Richard, Val initiated the Rockies 5km Time Trial in 1984, which is conveniently situated at Zoo Lake. Val happily greets them at the finish thereof to this day.

For the past 20 years Val has been actively involved as a national road running referee, and in an often a thankless position has earned the respect of runners and administrators alike, as well as a reputation for fairness, knowledge of the rules and the impartial application thereof. It is in this capacity that she has made a particular contribution to Comrades, having refereed for at least the past 12 races, thus ensuring a fair competition.

The second Spirit of Comrades Award for 2007 was presented to Paul Selby. A veteran of 23 Comrades Marathons, Paul is renowned in South African ultra distance running circles for his establishment 17 years ago of the 1000km Challenge, a programme and competition which encourages athletes to complete a minimum of 1000km in races during a 12 month period culminating with the Comrades Marathon each year. (Paul has personally completed 43,000km in races since the establishment of the 1000km Challenge.)

An unofficial but true Comrades ambassador, Paul has extensively promoted the Comrades Marathon both nationally and internationally. Over the years he has personally inspired, motivated and encouraged hundreds of local athletes to take up the challenge, while his passionate word-of-mouth marketing at the numerous overseas races he attends annually has promoted international awareness and participation in Comrades.

Paul is also well known for his charitable challenges, the most memorable being his back-to-back Comrades in 1999, in which he started in Durban at 7pm on the eve of the race, running through the night to arrive in Pietermaritzburg in time for the start of the race, which he then completed, in the course of which raising over R200,000 for Cancer Association. He has also completed several back-to-back London Marathons to raise funds for charity, as well as personally sponsoring prizes and medals for several township and underprivileged races.

His forte however is a penchant for picking up 'no-hopers' along the route and coaxing them through to the finish of a race. To this extent the only Comrades Marathon he has failed to finish in 24 years was in 1996 in which he failed to meet the Drummond cut-off while endeavouring to assist a fellow club member.

That a man should sacrifice his own race in order to assist a fellow Comrades runner is a tribute to his character and sense of giving, which exemplifies the spirit of camaraderie and selflessness within Paul Selby.

The final Spirit of Comrades Award was presented to Richard Whitehead, a double amputee who completed the 2007 Comrades Marathon.

Richard whose legs end just above the knee completed the 89,3km race on steel prosthetic legs in a time just under 10hours, thus earning a bronze medal and beating over 60% of the field.

Having only taken up running 3 years ago, Richard had already completed two New York Marathons, the London Marathon and Two Oceans, as well as having represented Great Britain at cricket, swimming and the paralympic equivalent of ice hockey (called sledge hockey), but the Comrades Marathon was his biggest challenge to date.

Richard subscribes to the motto “life without limitations” and bears a tattoo on his right arm which reads – 'Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man.'

As the first double amputee to even attempt the Comrades Marathon Richard's finish ranks as one of the most incredible feats in the history of the race, an act of true courage and inspiration. He became the first foreign recipient of a Spirit of Comrades Award.

Comrades marathon media release 2007/19 Statement Released on Friday, 5 October 2007.


Spirit of Comrades 2013

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It was a night of honouring the truly deserving amongst us as the Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) hosted its annual awards gala in Durban on Friday, 18 October 2013.

The CATHSSETA Spirit of Comrades awards gala celebrates three awesome individuals annually for their very human attributes of selflessness, dedication, perseverance and Ubuntu; combined with their love for The Ultimate Human Race.

The prestigious awards gala has been a defining feature of the CMA since 1996. The three Spirit of Comrades recipients are presented with a one-ounce, 24 carat gold medallion, courtesy of CATHSSETA (Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality & Sports Sector Education & Training Authority) as well an acknowledgement of note.

The awardees are nominated by CMA members, Comrades Marathon runners and the general public; and are subject to the discretion of the CMA Board. The awards criteria place special emphasis on Comrades Marathon winners, legends, volunteers and otherwise ordinary heroes and heroines, who through individual acts of service, sacrifice, courage or perseverance, either in a single race or over a period of time, exhibit the noble qualities associated with The Ultimate Human Race.

The first Spirit of Comrades awardee was Brad Brown. Brad has worked tirelessly over the past four years to raise money for the Amabeadibeadi charity campaign. Not only did he overcome major physical obstacles to complete the Comrades Marathon several times, but Brad very selflessly gave of his time and effort to set up the Race 4 Charity website and inspired the special ‘CC - Charity seeding batch’ to motivate runners to raise funds for charity.

The Race 4 Charity initiative has since raised R2.4-million rand for the Amabeadibeadi charities and Brad continues to inspire Comrades Marathon runners to race for charity and support the greater good.  For his sterling efforts, Brad was awarded with the coveted Spirit of Comrades medallion.

The second notable awardee was Australian runner, Joseph Ta. When fellow Aussie runner Joanne Tremonti had collapsed from hypoglycemia on Race Day, Joseph selflessly put his race on hold to carry her to the Comrades Marathon Medical Tent. Not only that, Joseph patiently waited 45 minutes for the ambulance to arrive. He remained there until Joanne had regained consciousness and was safely in the ambulance. After an hour and a half of waiting and caring, Joseph then went on to complete the race alone. He has been described as a kind and caring person and his noble deed went on to earn him the second prestigious accolade.

The third Spirit of Comrades recipient was Vincent O’Neill, a British runner who ran the grueling 89km distance to drum up support for the endangered rhino. Vincent’s passion for saving the beleaguered rhino drove him to finish the epic race in a 12kg rhino costume, bearing in mind that the 2013 Comrades Marathon was also one of the hottest and most difficult races in nearly 40 years. Vinny was amazed at the camaraderie and support along the route, with many runners guiding him to the refreshment stations and even helping to feed him. Many runners were left deeply impressed by Vincent’s honourable deed in creating awareness of the incessant rhino poaching in our country; and creating a real spectacle of himself along the Comrades Marathon route whilst advocating a truly worthy cause.

Another facet of the glitzy evening is the CMA’s Journalist of the Year Award. This is a sincere acknowledgement and appreciation of the important and enduring work of the media and rewards the journalist who has shown a year –long interest in the Comrades Marathon; and in that spirit has generated the most media coverage for The Ultimate Human Race. Sarel Van Der Walt once again claimed the prestigious title by being the most prolific messenger of the Comrades Marathon good news and received a cash reward and due recognition of his sterling efforts.

The presentation of the CMA Greenest Refreshment Station Award to SASOL was next. This is a significant acknowledgement of the efforts made by the hosts of the refreshment stations on Comrades Marathon Race Day to keep their areas clean and green. Some of the defining features of the cleanest and greenest refreshment station is the drive to recycle waste generated on the day and to ensure that their stations are spick-and-span and that the route is cleaned up after the runners have passed.

Over the years, the CMA has also recognized key role-players in the Comrades Marathon family. Four deeply deserving individuals were presented in this regard with a CMA Life Membership Award. These were CMA Board Member, Neville Thomas and Start Venue Portfolio Conveners, George Roberts and Ian Kerford. The CMA is also mindful of the efforts given off by individuals and organizations who have contributed in a significant way to the Comrades Marathon Association over the years. Due recognition and appreciation was accorded to these do-gooders for their outstanding service or for going beyond the call of duty in adding value to the Comrades Marathon via the CMA’s Certificate of Appreciation.

These notable tokens of gratitude were presented to Ian Laxton, in recognition of his amazing years of service to the Comrades Marathon in the media sector. Mr Price Group was also recognised in this category for its many years of IT sponsorship and support; and overall involvement with the CMA.

Runners Checklist

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Ensure that the 2014 Comrades Marathon is an enjoyable and hassle-free day for all runners and supporters by carefully reading the following information.


Make sure that you get to the start on time. The seeding batches will close at 05h15 and if you fail to make this cut-off time, you will be placed in the last seeding batch.

The race will be run "gun to gun" and the clock will start ticking from the second the gun goes off at 05h30. Make sure you cross the timing mats at the start, as failure to do so will result in disqualification. Note that your supporters will NOT be able to accompamy you to the start area due to space limitations.



There is a tog bag service available at the start. Please drop your tog bag at the Biddulphs trucks at least one hour before the race starts. Make surre that you hand your bag to a Biddulphs staff member and that you receive a sticker in return. You will have to produce the sticker at the finish to collect your bag.

PLEASE DO NOT leave any valuables in your bag and if you do need to leave a cell phone in your bag, make sure it is switched off! Please mark your bag clearly with your name and contact details before race day.



The Comrades Marathon has a full road closure programme in place and your supporters will not be able to move with you along the route. The best place for your supporters to see you will be at the Nedbank Spectator Spot. This spot will have ample parking, entertainment and it's ideally situated because it has quick access on and off the freeway. Please note that all kilometre boards are in KM TO GO!



There are 49 refreshment stations along the route. Every station will have Energade, water, Pepsi, vaseline and arnica ice. Oranges, bananas and chocolates will be served from certain stations. Mega-Load will be served at three stations and will be clearly marked. Potatoes will be served at every third station just before halfway. Biscuits will be served randomly in the second half of the race. PLEASE DO NOT dip your head in the water throughs! Please make use of the water sachets to cool down. Due to hygiene reasons, no sponges will be supplied.

IMPORTANT! Only drink fluids served in the sealed sachets or Pepsi cups available at the official refreshment stations.

There will be at least two portable toilets positioned at each refreshment station.


At each refreshment station, there will be a REACT Emergency staff member in radio contact with the Emergency and Disaster Management team at the finish. Please report any emergencies or incidents to a REACT staff member, or call 082911.


There will be eight physio and medical stations along the route and these will include diabetic facilities. The physio and medical stations are manned by qualified staff and are clearly marked with Netcare 911 branding. 



Fifty-two rescue busses will be positioned along the route. Thesse busses will transport runners who are unable to complete the race to the finish venue or to a medical facility. These busses will also collect runners who have not made the recpective cut-off times along the route. Please note that you will not be allowed to continue the race if  you have not reached your cut-off point in the applicable time.


The race will finish at 17h30. Your supporters will be able to access the stadium from 08h00 and enjoy non-stop catering and entertainment, as well as supervised kiddies' area.

The kiddies area will be located next to the picnic sites and parents will be able to leave kids of all ages with our experienced team. Children will receive drinks and a meal and will entertained the entire day.

Supporters can follow the race on the big screens located in the finish area, and can also visit the information centre at any time to enquire about the location of their runners.

Other facilities at the finish venue include a fully equipped medical tent, physio tent, public First Aid, toilets, showers and tog bag collection. Warm soup and cold Energade will also be serverd in the refreshment tent in the runners' exit area.

Runners to collect your free Reebok watch you will have to proceed to the Reebok tent. You will have to collect your watch before you exit the finish area as you will not be allowed to go back into the finish area once you exited. The free Reebok watch will only be issued to runners who have completed the race in Reebok running shoes.


The SAPS and Bhejane Special Events Security will be on duty at the start, on the route and at the finish venue. Please immediately report any incidents to the SAPS, security staff or officials.


Please familiarise yourself with all race instructions, advice and route maps in your official Comrades Marathon souvenir magazine.


We wish you all the best in your journey to conquer 'The Ultimate Human Race'... the 2014 Comrades Marathon.


Shop Contact Details

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Contact Persons: Mario Steyn / Tasneem Rutgers

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: +27 (0)21 671 5887

Fax: +27 (0)21 671 7269



Signet Licensing

4th Floor, Letterstedt House,

Newlands On Main

Main Road Newlands

Cape Town 7700

South Africa

General Rules and Information

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COMRADES MARATHON 201download pdf




ENTER ONLINE OR DOWNLOAD AN ENTRY FORM - (NOTE: Manual Entry forms are for South African Entrants only)


ENTER ONLINE OR ENTRY FORMS ARE AVAILABLE FROM  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Entries for the 2016 Comrades Marathon are limited to a maximum of 20 000 and there will be no extensions. All current and potential Comrades Marathon runners that wish to run the 2016 Comrades Marathon are urged to take careful note of the entry process and the cutoff date. All runners are urged to enter early to avoid disappointment.

Entries open on the 1 September 2015 and close on 30 November 2015 or once the quota of 20 000 has been reached.



The race will be run on Sunday, 29 May 2016 starting at 05h30 and finishing at 17h30. The race is run from ‘gun to gun’.



It is an "DOWN RUN" starting at the City Hall in Pietermaritzburg and finishing at The Sahara Kingsmead Cricket Stadium in Durban. The race distance is approximately 90 km. The distance is subject to change and will be confirmed in the final race instructions.



Early Bird Entry for South African Entrants (1 September to 30 September 2015 ONLY) is R380.00.

South African Entry Fee (1 October 2015 to 30 November 2015) is R420.00.

Rest of Africa Entry Fee (1 October 2015 to 30 November 2015) is R 700.00.

International Entry Fee (1 October 2015 to 30 November 2015) is R 2400.

Entry fee is waived for holders of 25 or more Comrades medals.

Contact CMA for a 25 medal plus voucher number, required during the entry process.



Entries open on 1 September 2015 and close on 30 November 2015. There will only be one entry window period for all athletes to enter, whether they are former Comrades runners, Novices, Rest of Africa, International or South African runners. Entries will be limited to a maximum of 20,000 and no extensions will be entered into. Entries will close on 30 November 2015 or once the 20,000 entries have been received (e.g. if 20,000 entries are received by 15 November 2015 then no further entries will be accepted). All current and potential Comrades Marathon runners that wish to run in 2016 are urged to take careful note of the entry process and the cut-off date.

NO entries will be taken in 2016.

Total number of entries will be capped at 20,000.


Any irregularities in your entry form will result in a rejected entry. Comrades Marathon Association reserves the right to accept or reject any entry, subject to the rules of IAAF, ASA, KZNA and CMA. Any runner contravening the rules of the race may be banned from the event.



The minimum age requirement is that the athlete must be 20 years or older on the day of the race. Please note that the athlete must be 20 years of age on the day of running the qualifying event in South Africa. 



The Comrades Marathon is restricted to club registered runers only. South African entrants must be current 2016 licensed members of a club, affiliated to Athletics South Africa through their provinces. The domicile rule will be strictly enforced. No athlete may run for a club other than a club registered in the Province in which they domicile, unless they are registered on the current ASA National List. No wheelchairs nor any mechanical aids will be permitted. No runner may run with an animal under any circumstances. International entrants must produce a clearance letter on submission of entry, from their country federation.



Foreign athletes must strictly observe IAAF Rule 4 paragraph 2. Foreign athletes, particularly those who hope to win any prize, must note that in order to take part in the event, written approval (a permit) from their own federation is required. All foreign athletes, particularly those who hope to win any prize, should hand over their permits (as per IAAF Rule 4 paragraph 2) to the event organisers any time before the event takes place. All foreign athletes who violate IAAF Rule 4 or who do not produce permits on demand, will not be eligible to win any prize. In a case where a foreign athlete is entered through a South African Athletic Club, it is the responsibility of the club to secure the permit from the athlete, and hand it over to the race organisers before the event takes place. Event organisers reserve the right to stop any foreign athlete who does not hold a permit required under IAAF rule 4, from takinig part in their event. If a foreign athlete violates IAAF rule 4 or ASA rule 4 and accepts a prize without producing a permit, and the athlete has entered the event through a South African Athletic Club, then the club in question will also face disciplinary action by ASA.



The Comrades marathon will accept substitutions for the 2016 Comrades Marathon. The Substitution process opens on 1 April 2016 and all applications must REACH the CMA by no later than 21 April 2016. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU MAKE THE NECESSARY ARRANGEMENTS TO HAVE YOUR SUBSTITUTION ENTRY FORM IN OFFICE BY CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON 21 APRIL 2016. IF YOUR ENTRY REACHES THE CMA ON 22 APRIL 2016, IT WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE PROCESSED.



1. ONLINE ENTRIES - Please note that in order to enter online you will require either a Visa or Master Credit Card. Online entries will open on 1 September 2015.

2. Hand deliver your entry to the CMA House in Pietermaritzburg by 17h00 on closing date of entries. (See above for details of closing date)

3. POSTAL ENTRIES - Post your entry to Comrades Marathon, PO Box 100621, Scottsville, 3209. You may enter using one of the following options, either by cheque, postal order or direct deposit. All cheques, postal orders and direct deposits must be made payable to the Comrades Marathon Association. Postal entries must be postmarked by the Post Office no later than closing date of entries (see Closing Date of Entries details).

4. DIRECT DEPOSIT - Runners may pay their entry fee by DIRECT DEPOSIT into a Nedbank branch and post their entry form and deposit slip to CMA. Bank details are: Nedbank, Branch Code: 130526, Account No. 1305846559.

Please write your ID Number on the original deposit slip and attach this to the entry form.



No photocopies will be accepted.

Keep a copy of your entry form.








All entrants must run with their own ChampionChip. Entrants who do not own their own ChampionChip must purchase a chip from ChampionChip Africa, or one of their distributors, prior to entering the event. Runners MUST produce their ChampionChip when collecting their race number. All runners are required to wear a ChampionChip timing device on their shoes for the duration of the race. The chip must be registered in the runner’s name and NOT belong to someone else. Wearing another athlete’s Champion Chip will lead to disqualification.


For more information please contact ChampionChip on +27(0)861100963 or visit their website www.championchip.co.za  



ASA approved Club colours and the two Nedbank Comrades Marathon 2016 race numbers must be worn on the front and back of your upper body garment throughout the race.


Athletes are reminded to wear their race number on the front and back of their upper body garment and NOT on their running shorts as this will result in disqualification. The Nedbank sponsored peak, which you will receive in your runner’s goodie bag, is the only branded headgear permitted on race day. Runners must familiarize themselves with and abide by the advertising rules as per the IAAF and ASA Rulebooks. (IAAF Rule 143 and ASA Rule 13.1 and advertising regulations). These provisions apply for the duration of the race including warming up, all race ceremonies and official press conference. Under no circumstances may a runner display a political slogan. (IAAF Rule 2(a)).



The no mobile seconding rule will be very strictly enforced. No seconds may drive, cycle or run alongside any athlete on the route. The stand and hand rule, whereby a runner’s seconds may stand at any point on the route and hand refreshments to their athlete while they remain stationary, will apply. No seconds may travel on the route. No pacing will be permitted. Any transgressions will lead to disqualification. Any athlete being found carried along the route and/or before the finish line will be liable for disqualification. (IAAF Rule 144)


In compliance with IAAF Rule 144.2(b) athletes are not allowed to be in possession or use cassette recorders, radios, CD, radio transmitted, mobile phone or similar devices.



Entries can be confirmed on the Comrades Marathon website www.comrades.com by logging on as a user with the logon name and password supplied during the entry process. Entries will also be acknowledged to valid e-mail addresses and/or SMS (as supplied on your entry form).


It is your personal responsibility to check your details and confirmation of entry. If any of the details are incorrect please log on with the logon name, password supplied and correct your details. Print your entry confirmation email. You must produce this confirmation together with your ChampionChip in order to collect your race number. Athletes who ordered a new ChampionChip will receive these at registration, with the chip registered to their name.



You must collect your race number, FREE runner’s t-shirt and Goodie Bag from the venue you have indicated on your entry form. Should you have placed an order for a ChampionChip with your entry form, please note that the chip will be in your race number pack and can ONLY be collected from the registration venue you have indicated. ChampionChip ordered with the entry form will NOT be issued before registration dates. Should you wish to use your chip for qualifying races before Comrades Marathon, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly. These items will not be posted to you. It is important to note the following when collecting your race number package:-


All runners MUST produce their ChampionChip when collecting their race number.

All runners MUST provide proof of identity in order to collect their race number. ID book, Passport or Driver’s License.

NO race numbers will be issued on race day.






Bonitas Comrades Expo    

Comrades Marathon House

Durban Exhibition Centre

18 Connaught Road

Walnut Road







26 May 2016 09h00 - 19h00


27 May 2016  09h00 - 19h00


28 May 2016  09h00 - 17h00


If you are unable to collect your race number package, a third party can collect this on your behalf providing they have a printed copy of Acknowledgement of Entry, the athlete's ChampionChip as well as a letter of authorization from the entrant. The person collecting the race number package must have identification.

Runners may not claim their registration package after registration closes. These items will not be posted to you and no refunds will be processed.



Bus tickets from Durban to the start in Pietermaritzburg, and from the finish in Durban back to Pietermaritzburg after the race, will be available for sale at the Expo - "Bus Ticket" Kiosks prior to the race. No tickets will be available on race day.



The race is run from "gun to gun". The cut-off times for these points will be confirmed in the final race instructions. The CMA reserves the right to alter these positions. Runners will be required to board a rescue bus and be transported to the finish venue should they not have reached the cut-off points within the specified time.

Athletes MUST retire once ordered to do so by an official medical delegate or medical staff. [IAAF Rule 240 8(c)]. Failing to comply with this rule will lead to disqualification.

The cut-off points will be clearly sign posted and do not relate to the location of any timing mats or other markers along the route.


CUT-OFF POINT            


Lion Park - N3 Subway

02:40  (08h10)

Cato Ridge - N3 Subway

04:30  (10h00)

Drummond (Halfway)

06:00  (11h30)

Winston Park

08:00  (13h30)

St John's Avenue

09:30  (15h00)

Sherwood 45th Cutting

11:10  (16h40)


Please note that these times and positions are subject to change should the organisers deem it necessary. The final cut-off is at 12 hours (17h30) and if you have not reached the Finish, you must leave the route and retire from the race immediately. Failure to do so, will result in disqualification.



Your Final Race Instructions form part of the rules of the race and will be included with your race number.


Spirit of Comrades Awards

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The 'Old Mutual Spirit of Comrades Awards' is an annual event, whereby a maximum of three individuals are rewarded for embodying the true 'Spirit of the Comrades Marathon' and being an inspiration to humanity. Here is a list of our deserved winners.


Download the 2015 SPIRIT OF COMRADES nominees form here



Kabelo Ntsime

Richard Monisi

Heidi Joubert

Spirit 2013 Spirit 2012 Spirit 2011 Spirit 2010
Debbie Schoeman
Fiona Scholtz
Joy & Bernhard Murphy
Brad Brown
Joseph Ta
Vincent O'Neill
Frankie Cawdry
Mandla Zwane
Jeff Minnaar
Wayne Korras
Kabelo Mabalane
Michael Wilkinson
Anne Kouvarellis
Jaco Zevenster
Vlam Pieterse
Spirit 2009 Spirit 2008 Spirit 2007 Spirit 2006 Spirit 2005
Josaya Molma
Ann Margolin
Leon Van Wyk
Kenny Craig
Riel Hugo
Mark Bloomfield
*Val Wilkinson
Paul Selby
Richard Whitehead
Brian Goddard
Henk Meyer
Paul Doiman
Frith van der Merwe
Lucas Nonyana
Zwelitsha Gono
Spirit 2004 Spirit 2003 Spirit 2002 Spirit 2001 Spirit 2000 
Zeb Luhabe
Jetman Msutu
Carl Peatfield
Pat Boyall
Anthony Farr
Johnny Demas
Manie Kuhn*
Tommy Malone
Anonymous Aids Runner

Vrenie Welch
Domovan Wright

Jackie Mekler
Alan Robb 




Spirit 1999 Spirit 1998 Spirit 1997    

Bruce Fordyce
Don Oliver

Sam Tshabalala
Percy Dunn

Wally Hayward*
Liege Boulle*
Denis Tabakin
Gavin Elliott
John Wright (Dr)