2017 substitution processThe 2017 Substitution Process kicks off on 14 March 2017. The Substitution Rule is an extension of the Comrades Marathon Race rules and must be read in conjunction with the general race rules which forms an integral part of the entry process.

The rule governs the process of withdrawing one athlete from the Comrades Marathon and replacing the fully paid athlete's entry with another athlete's entry and credentials. It is the responsibility of the substitute athlete to find an athlete who intends to or has withdrawn from the race.

The Substitution Rule applies to all entrants including South African, Rest of Africa and International on a like for like basis i.e:

- an International entrant can only substitute with an International entrant

- a Rest of Africa entrant can only substitute with an ROA entrant

- a South African entrant can only substitute with a South African entrant

The final date for submission of Substitution applications is 14 April 2017. There will be no extensions and no late submissions will be accepted.