Toyota Win A Car

Toyota Win A Car

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The delighted winner of the Toyota-Amabeadibeadi Win-A-Car competition, Sheila Sawers of Durban North got to drive off in her brand new Toyota Etios after Comrades Marathon 2013.

Sheila says, 'Thank you to Toyota and the CMA - I am elated, elated, elated! It was a wonderful moment that has just continued on and on as the congratulations and reality slowly set in.'

Sheila had entered the Toyota lucky draw on Comrades Race Day more than 110 times.

On winning the incredible Toyota Etios Sheila says, ‘I have won small competitions before but to drive off in this car makes me feel fabulous, lucky, blessed and very grateful. My biggest thanks go to Toyota for making such an awesome prize available. Thank you Toyota for your commitment to our future runners and the charitable work of Comrades!'

Amabeadibeadi Charity Drive has been elevated in a huge way. We are grateful to Toyota for their unwavering support. Our gratitude also goes out to every person who entered the Amabeadibeadi lucky draw and contributed to the fundraising for our charities via this awesome initiative.'