Toyota Win A Car

Toyota Win A Car

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'God is great and the Comrades Marathon is the best in the world!' These are the magical words of the winner of the 2015 Toyota-Amabeadibeadi Win-a-Car competition, Isaac Setsiba of Limpopo.


The lucky draw takes place annually on Comrades race day with a prized Toyota Corolla Quest up for grabs. Thanks to South Africa's largest automotive manufacturer, Setsiba was presented with his brand new sedan by the Comrades Marathon Association’s (CMA) Chairperson, Macdonald Chitja at the local Toyota dealership in Polokwane, Limpopo (Friday, 26 June 2015).


An amazing 531,520 sms's were received from TV viewers, runners and supporters on race day, helping to raise nearly R400-thousand for the CMA's Amabeadibeadi charity drive. Unlike previous winners, Setsiba submitted a meagre 14 sms's to become the fortunate winner of the car. 56-year old Setsiba lives in Seshego near Pietersburg in Limpopo and is employed as a technician for Ricoh photocopiers and printers. He says, 'This is my first brand new car and I am just so happy. I love Toyota and I am very grateful to the Comrades Marathon for this unbelievable prize.'

Setsiba's wife, Ornicca and their three sons are just as excited about the new motor vehicle. He says, 'Our family is always together watching this amazing race on TV. I have never run the Comrades Marathon myself but I have been watching 'The Ultimate Human Race' for many years now.'


Setsiba says, 'I loved watching the Comrades Marathon this year, especially to see Gift Kelehe winning the race. I am definitely a big supporter. I always enjoy watching the Russian twins. I have cousins and friends who travel from Limpopo to KwaZulu-Natal to participate and they always have exciting stories to share.' He adds, 'I go to gym and run often but I am only good at distances of up to 25km. Two of my sons have been wanting to run the Comrades. I will be watching them on TV one of these days.' Setsiba continues, 'I am very happy that Toyota donates this beautiful car for the benefit of the Comrades Marathon’s charities. The Comrades does good work to motivate runners and helps many people. They are doing a great job.'


Toyota Senior Manager of Promotions and Sponsorship, Nicole August says, 'As always, Toyota is incredibly proud to be involved in not only the Comrades Marathon but also its Amabeadibeadi Charity Drive as community support has always been a key value for our company.'


CMA Chairman, Macdonald Chitja says, 'Our partnership with Toyota is something we are incredibly proud of. The Amabeadibeadi Win-A-Car initiative is a huge contribution to the Comrades Marathon’s charity drive and has contributed hundreds of thousands of rand to our charities. We are deeply appreciative to Toyota.'


Chitja adds, 'Every runner and supporter who entered the Win-A-Car competition has contributed to our charitable endeavours. Every SMS has helped in making the work of our six Amabeadibeadi charities that much more achievable and successful. We are grateful to you.'