“Comrades is my favourite race. I find it such a challenge and so rewarding. On race day we are all the same. There are no professional, colour or fashion differences; we are all out there to earn our finisher’s medal.”

These are the beautiful words of the winner of the Toyota Win-a-Car competition, Beverley Grace who runs her family timber business in Johannesburg. Beverley was one of the lucky athletes who made her entry into the 2018 Comrades Marathon and simultaneously donated funds to charity to qualify to be entered into the Toyota Win-a-Car competition.

Of the 13,200 entrants into the lucky draw, which was overseen by CMA auditors, BDO South Africa, Beverley was deemed the winner of the brand new Toyota Corolla Quest worth more than 200-thousand rand.

Beverley has completed The Ultimate Human Race six times. She tells us that the camaraderie on the road is just amazing with so much support and motivation from the spectators and fellow runners.

Beverley says, “My first Comrades race was an Up Run. When I got to halfway, I was the last one and the sweep vehicle was behind me. I remember starting to cry and just in front of me was a Jeppe runner who turned to me and said, “Don’t worry my dear, this is just the beginning. Settle down and keep your pace and you will soon start passing a lot of the people in front of us.”

Beverley remembers that it was then that she changed her attitude and went on to finish her maiden Comrades journey in 11:51 making it her most memorable Comrades ever. She adds, “I won’t give up until I get my Green Number.”

Over the years as a Race4Charity runner, Beverley has raised more than R40-thousand for charity. She says that she enjoys running for a charitable cause as it adds value to those most in need.

On winning the fabulous Toyota Corolla, “I’m so overwhelmed by winning I am not sure yet what I am going to do with this beautiful car. I would like to thank Toyota for such an awesome prize and to Vic Clapham for starting this amazing race 96 years ago.

Toyota Senior Manager of Promotions and Sponsorship, Reche van Niekerk says, ‘As always, Toyota is incredibly proud to be involved in not only the Comrades Marathon but also its Amabeadibeadi Official Charity Drive as community support has always been a key value for our company.’

CMA Chairperson, Cheryl Winn says, ‘Our partnership with Toyota is something we are incredibly proud of. The Toyota Win-A-Car initiative is a huge contribution to the Comrades Marathon’s charity drive and has contributed hundreds of thousands of rand to our charities. We are deeply appreciative to Toyota.’