Bonitas Comrades Webinars


Bonitas – with you all the way! A series of online seminars have been devised to get athletes in South Africa and across the world “race-ready” for the 93rd edition of The Ultimate Human Race.

Comrades Coach, Lindsey Parry has urged runners to click through to the Comrades Marathon website: and sign up for the free Bonitas Comrades webinars.

Coach Parry says, "We encourage athletes to register for the seminars as they will provide a step by step guide to help you prepare properly for the race, avoid the common causes for injury and give you an opportunity to ask questions from the experts.”

The next webinar will be hosted on Monday, 16 April 2018. Among the topics to be covered are:

16 April 2018 (8 weeks to race day)


  • Where you should be right now?
  • The Long run
  • Hang in there for the last few hard weeks
  • The long run
  • What you need to do for the next 4 weeks?