Charity Update


It’s all about Comrades charitable giving as South Africa and the world counts down to the 93rd Comrades Marathon. The CMA is pleased to announce that Comrades runners have prioritised charitable giving and have already raised just under R2-million for the official charities.

Runners and donors can access the respective runner’s fundraising page via this link:

The Top Charity Fundraiser will be recognised at the Old Mutual Spirit of Comrades Awards later this year.


The 8th annual Gogolympics, will be held on Friday, the 20th April 2018 from 8am to 3pm at the Molweni Sports Ground. The event attracts both national and international media coverage as well as over 1000 granny participants from across the Valley of 1000 Hills.

For over ten years, HACT’s Gogo (Granny) Support Groups programme has been providing support, training and economic empowerment opportunities to over 2000 grandmothers across 54 support groups from eight communities in the Valley of 1000 Hills. Many of these grannies are caring for orphaned and vulnerable children who have lost one of both parents to HIV/AIDS.

As part of our programme, the grannies play soccer and other sports, as a way to keep fit and healthy and to promote healthy living to their grandchildren and the broader community. The Gogolympics event is a platform for our grannies from various communities to meet and compete in their chosen sports and activities – competition is fierce and the grannies practice year round in anticipation of this important event.

Meanwhile, Cwengi Myeni who runs our Gogo Support Groups programme was featured on ETV as their South African Hero of the Month for March. Funds raised through this year’s Comrades campaign for HACT are going towards this programme as well as the Respite Unit project.

Follow this link: SA Heroes - Cwengekile Myeni (1min)