Old Comrades Image

Now that the madness of race preparation is far behind us, the museum has been focusing its attention on sorting and collating our vast photography collection.

The photographs have not been sorted into any specific order and we are hoping to be able to sort photography into individuals of importance (where we now have a file for each runner or volunteer who has had an impact on the race), and a general decade by decade, start, route and finish folders.

While this is proving to be a huge feat due to the quantity of uncollated photography, the collection has already revealed some wonderful photography from the history of the race.

Below is a picture dating back to 1976 which shows how the congestion on the side of the road (with all the exhaust fumes that came with it) made it necessary for seconding of runners to be banned in 1979. One can only imagine how frustrating it must have been for a seconder along the route, as well as for a runner who’s second was held up and could not provide them with their refreshments.

It was due to this that the first refreshment station was set up at the halfway mark in 1974 & was, in 1979, expanded to 50 throughout the route. These refreshment stations are generously hosted by companies or organizations and some have been with us from the start!

Anyone who would be interested in hosting a refreshment station in 2019 can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Blind runner Ian Jardine receiving refreshments from his seconder in 1967

Ian Jardine

Jackie Mekler with his seconding vehicle following closely

Jackie Mekler

A refreshment station from 1997

Refreshment Station

The fibreglass water troughs

Water Troughs

Our modern refreshment stations in 2018

Water Station 2018