“I ran my first Comrades Marathon in 2015. This was my first ultra-marathon ever since I started the hobby of running, with passion and enthusiasm glowing over my face. Firstly, I was nervous as most people would be in tackling their first Comrades Marathon. I had a bit of experience with an ultra-marathon from running the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon.

I am proud to say that this year, I completed my 4th Comrades Marathon with 2 Bronze Medals and 2 Bill Rowan Medals to my name; and a personal best of 8:42:32.

These achievements have earned me the pride of my family, club teammates and the Eastern Cape Province, the home of the heroes and legends. I am the young and upcoming top runner with a keen desire to run more Comrades Marathons going forward.

Both the Up Run and Down Run have challenges of their own, technically and otherwise, which need more discipline and training that will lead to the accomplishment.

My future aspirations are to become a Silver or Gold Medalist in this beautiful Ultimate Human Race. The other goal is to complete my 10 Comrades Marathons and get my Green Number by 2025.

With courage and hope, I believe I will exert myself, achieve these ambitions and reach my objectives. To be part of this wonderful and prestigious marathon is a lifetime achievement which is not easily forgotten and will be remembered by future generations.

I give thanks to the organizers of the Comrades Marathon. It is The Ultimate Human Race. May Comrades Marathon 2019 bring wisdom, grace and success to all the participants of this enormous and remarkable event.”


This month’s winner of the Arnica Ice hamper is Babalo Mvula.