News from Choc



“My ‘jogging’ career started in 1989 at the age 32, when I discovered that I was a bit of an endurance bunny and could cope with the monotony and mind games of the "long distance runner". Being up for a challenge, marathons soon became ultras, ultras became multi-day events, and if you live in KZN and you jog, the next question is always "so you run the Comrades Marathon?"

I really had no intention of running Comrades multiple times - but soon after my very first Comrades and the "Never Ever Again!" standard comment by all first timers, this was soon overtaken by great pride & excitement at the word Comrades! Then "just one UP and one DOWN" kicked in. Then came the "great time I did, I CAN DO BETTER" and this went on 28 times.

Well, time rolled on and Comrades became my annual way of life, a great leveller and journey shared by many. Now a pensioner, I will line up again in 2018 for my 29th Comrades Marathon. I felt that fundraising for a Charity would be a great motivator & a wonderful way to give back in some way, to the less fortunate. 

I was involved with CHOC during my corporate working years and feel great empathy towards the families and children effected by this dreadful disease. On retirement, I decided to volunteer at Albert Luthuli Hospital Children’s Oncology Ward with the CHOC-driven support program. CHOC plays such an important role in the support of these families’ lives, that it is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that they became my charity of choice for Comrades Race4Charity.

My club, Stella Athletic Club, has a wonderful mix of over 120 experienced & novice runners making the trip this year. Good luck to you all, see you on the road! To all the novices out there - you will have a wonderful day, "hang in", talk to people, eat, drink and be merry - you have a long day ahead, so make sure you enjoy it. Keep moving forward whilst eating, drinking or chatting - every minute adds up. All charity donations to CHOC would be gratefully appreciated and used to ‘keep the hope alive!’”