Wall of Honour

Wall of Honour

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The Comrades Marathon Wall of Honour is situated along the Comrades Marathon route at a point where the road overlooks the Valley of a Thousand Hills.

It was created several years ago to serve as a permanent landmark to commemorate the achievements of Comrades Marathon runners who completed the epic journey between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. The wall is constructed of attractive interlocking blocks of the type commonly used for retaining walls.

Runners who successfully completed the marathon are able to purchase their own block for perpetuity. These are mounted on an attractive plaque, which records the name, race number and status of the runner, which can be updated in later years.

Blocks were occasionally purchased by runners, family members or friends on their behalf to be presented as gifts for special birthdays, anniversaries, Comrades milestones or other occasions. Many of the blocks commemorate deceased Comrades runners and several feature religious relics and mini memorial gardens.

Wall of Honour






The Wall of Honour memorial blocks cost R400 per block, this include the block, plaque and engraving as well as maintenance and upkeep of the block and site for posterity.

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