Medals & Prize Money

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The Badges and Medals will be awarded to all official finishers who complete the full distance within the 12-hour cut-off.



Distance of race qualifying table


First 10 Men and Women

Wally Hayward    

Position 11 to sub 6hrs 00min


6hrs 00min to sub 7hrs 30 mins

Bill Rowan

7hrs 30 min to sub 9hrs 00min


9hrs 00min to sub 11hrs 00min

Vic Clapham

11hrs 00min to sub 12hrs 00min


Prize Money

Position           Men                Women

Position 1        350,000.00      350,000.00

Position 2        175,000.00      175,000.00

Position 3        130,000.00      130,000.00

Position 4        65,000.00        65,000.00

Position 5        50,000.00        50,000.00

Position 6        30,000.00        30,000.00

Position 7        25,000.00        25,000.00

Position 8        22,000.00        22,000.00

Position 9        18,500.00        18,500.00

Position 10      16,500.00        16,500.00


Best “Down Run” Time

Should the Winners (man and woman) of the 2014 Comrades Marathon break the Best Time previously recorded for the “Down Run”, he or she will receive a cash payment of R350,000.00 sponsored by CATHSSETA.

The Best Time Previously Recorded

05:20:41 by Leonid Shvetsov in 2007

05:54:43 by Frith Van der Merwe in 1989


Cash Hot Spots

R 10,000.00 for the first runner (man and woman) to the designated position before Halfway

R 15,000.00 for the first runner (man and woman) to the Halfway.

R 25,000.00 for the first runner (man and woman) to the designated position after Halfway.

These Hot Spots positions will be confirmed in the Final Race Instructions. The runner must complete the race within the 7hours 30minutes cut-off in order to qualify for these prizes.


Age Categories

An athlete is not eligible for a prize in more than one age category, ie. an athlete is only eligible for a prize in the age category applicable to him/her or the younger category chosen by him/her provided he/she is wearing the relevant age category tag. An athlete, male or female, who finishes the race in first to tenth position, may, however, win his/her position prize as well as any applicable age category prize. Unless you specifically request in writing to CMA organisers to change your age category to a lower age category, by 16 May 2014, you will be entered in the age category of your chronological age both for individual and any team competition (ASA rules 11.3 to 11.8 inclusive). Appropriate numerical age category tags must be worn on the front and back of the upper body garment. An athlete must provide positive identification to verify proof of age. These rules apply to both individual and team categories.


Age Category Prizes

                                    Men                Women

40 - 49 years  

Position 1        12,000.00        12,000.00       

            Position 2        6,000.00          6,000.00         

            Position 3        3,000.00          3,000.00         


50 - 59 years  

Position 1        9,000.00          9,000.00         

            Position 2        4,500.00          4,500.00         

            Position 3        3,000.00          3,000.00         


60 years +      

Position 1        8,000.00          8,000.00         

            Position 2        6,000.00          6,000.00         

            Position 3        2,000.00          2,000.00         


Team Competition

All team prizes will be calculated on the combined times of the first four club members to finish in each category (IAAF Rule 141 and ASA Rule 11.7). In order to qualify for a team prize an athlete must compete wearing officially registered club colours. The domicile rule will be strictly enforced.

Athletes must notify Comrades Marathon at least a day before the event if he/she wants to compete in the 40+ category only.

Team prizes and rules pertaining to the award thereof will be detailed in the Final Race Instructions.


Team Prizes

Category                     TeamsMen                            Women

Open 20 – 39 years   

1st Team         16,000.00 (4xR4,000)            16,000.00 (4xR4,000)

2nd Team        11,000.00 (4xR2,750)            11,000.00 (4xR2,750)

            3rd Team         6,000.00 (4xR1,500)               6,000.00 (4xR1,500)


Over 40 years

1st Team         12,000.00 (4xR3,000)            12,000.00 (4xR3,000)

            2nd Team        6,000.00 (4xR1,500)               6,000.00 (4xR1,500)

            3rd Team         3,000.00 (4xR750)                  3,000.00 (4xR750)


South African Runners

The first South African citizen (man and woman) to complete the event will each receive a cash payment of R175,000.00 sponsored by CATHSSETA.


KwaZulu-Natal Athlete

The first KwaZulu-Natal athlete (man and woman) to complete the event will each receive R15,000.00 from the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Sport and Recreation. (See final instructions for definition of KZN runner)

Note: All prizes including prize money, trophies and/or special medals will only be issued once drug test results have been received and subject to clearance. All prize money is subject to South African tax laws and may take up to three (3) months to process.