Frequently Asked Questions

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When will the 2018 Comrades Marathon take place?

Sunday 10 June 2018

Where does it start?

City Hall,Pietermaritzburg

What time does it start?


Where does it finish?

Moses Mabhida Stadium - Durban

What is the official distance of the race?

It is a "DOWN RUN". The race distance is approximately 89km. The distance is subject to change and will be confirmed in the final race instructions.

Where can I get an entry form?

Entry forms will only be available from 1st September 2017.

When do entries close for the 2017 Comrades Marathon?

Entries close on 30 November 2017 FOR ALL RUNNERS INCLUDING INTERNATIONALS, or as soon as the entry cap of 20 000 is reached.

Who enters the race for free?

Runners who have completed 25 Comrades Marathons or more gain free entry to the event.

Are the entry fees refundable?

The entry fees are not refundable under any circumstances. Athletes submitting duplicate entries will be charged for both.

Does the Comrades Marathon accept late entries?

No late entries are accepted.

How will I know if my entry form has been accepted?

An e-mail (if an email address is supplied) will be sent to you once your entry has been processed, or you can check the website for confirmation of entry.

Please check your data carefully upon receipt of your entry confirmation.

What will I need in order to register and collect my race numbers?

You will not be permitted to collect your race numbers without:

Proof of identity (Identity Document, Passport or Driver's License)

Your personal ChampionChip

Can anyone enter the Comrades Marathon?

The race is restricted to runners only. 

How old must I be in order to enter the Comrades Marathon?

The minimum age requirement is that an athlete must be 20 years of age on the day of the race. The runner must also be 20 years of age on the day of the qualifying race that he/she will run.

Can I run with my pet?

No animals will be permitted on the route.

Can I collect my race numbers on race day?

No race numbers will be issued on the day of the race.

Will I be allowed personal seconding?

No mobile seconding will be permitted. This rule will be strictly enforced with no mobile seconds of any description allowed on the route. Any transgressions will lead to disqualification. A runner may be handed sustenance by a seconder using the stand and hand rule. No other seconding is permitted. See Rules and Information.

What prize money is on offer?

Look out for our media launch.

May I wear advertising?

The Comrades Marathon is run under the rules of ASA (Athletics South Africa) and the IAAF, which stipulate that no personal sponsors' logos may be worn by an athlete. For more information contact your club or Athletics South Africa.

What must I do to earn a Gold medal?

Gold medals are awarded to the first 10 men and first 10 women to cross the finish line.

What time must I finish in to receive a Wally Hayward medal?

The Wally Hayward cut-off gun is fired on 6 hours, so you have 5 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds to earn a Wally Hayward Medal.

What time must I finish in to receive a Silver medal?

The silver cut-off gun is fired on 7 hours 30 minutes so you have 7 hours 29 minutes and 59 seconds to earn a silver medal.

In what time must I finish to receive a Bill Rowan medal?

The Bill Rowan cut-off gun is fired on 9 hours so you have 8 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds to earn a Bill Rowan medal.

What time must I finish in to receive a Bronze medal?

The Bronze cut-off gun is fired on 11 hours so you have 10 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds to earn a Bronze medal.

What time must I finish in to receive a Vic Clapham medal?

The Vic Clapham cut-off gun is fired on 12 hours so you have 11 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds to earn a Vic Clapham medal.

How long do I have to complete the race?

The final cut-off gun is fired on 12 hours so you have 11 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds to complete the course and earn a medal.

What is a ChampionChip?

It is a passive transponder (Computer Chip) which you lace onto your shoe and which carries a unique code which is linked to your information in the Comrades Marathon database. When crossing a timing mat on the route and at the finish the system will record your chip code and allocate a time to it.

Where will I find more information on the ChampionChip system?

Check out the ChampionChip Africa website at

Must I have a ChampionChip?

Every runner must own their personal ChampionChip, which they must present at number collection.

Where do I find my ChampionChip code?

The ChampionChip code can be found above the logo on the blue or green ChampionChip. On the yellow chip it is clearly displayed on the cylinder surface.

Can I use any ChampionChip?

No, you may only use your personal ChampionChip as it is linked to an international database of chip owners. It also protects your interest in that your chip if stolen may not be used by another person.

Must International runners also qualify to enter the Comrades Marathon?

Every runner is required to run an official marathon within the qualifying times.

Must I qualify to enter the Comrades Marathon?

You are required to run a qualifying race within the qualifying times as per the qualifying table. A list of South African qualifiers are tabled under INFO - QUALIFIERS.

Distance of race qualifying table

42,2 km

sub 05:00:00

48 - 50 km    

sub 06:00:00

52 - 54 km

sub 06:30:00

56 km

sub 07:00:00

60 km

sub 07:40:00

64 km

sub 08:20:00

68 km

sub 09:00:00

80 km

sub 10:30:00

100 km

sub 13:30:00

Do International athletes have to follow the same qualifying criteria?

Yes. However it is not a requirement that International athletes have to belong to a running club.

What must I do if I have any other questions?

Email the Comrades Marathon Association This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.