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Ethembeni School for Handicapped Children

This school is situated near Inchanga and the children traditionally line the road cheering the runners on and inspire many runners with their exuberance.


Camperdown and Cato Ridge

These two villages through which the route passes usually have large crowds of spectators lining both sides of the road, who offer lots of encouragement and support to runners.


Alverstone Mast

This radio and TV transmitting mast is visible on the down-run from just past Cato Ridge and remains in view for hours, finally being reached after passing Halfway. It marks a short but very steep climb which brings one to the top of Botha's Hill.


Highest Point

The highest point on the course (870 m) is situated at Umlaas Road, about 19km from Pietermaritzburg, and is unremarkable as it is not reached by any noticeable hill and probably goes unnoticed by most runners. A landmark is a concrete water tower on the other side of the freeway which passes near the route at that point.


Little Pollys

On the up-run, shortly before the notorious Polly Shortts, there lies a climb of far gentler proportions of about 1,5km. This is reached after a welcome stretch of about 7km of downhill running from the highest point at Umlaas Road. This little climb sometimes confuses unknowing runners into believing that this is the Polly Shortts. Local runners refer to this as "Little Pollys".


Arthur's Seat

This is a niche cut into the bank of the cutting at the site of the wall of honour and is reputed to have been a favourite resting spot of the legendary Arthur Newton, 5 times winner of the Comrades Marathon in the 1920's. Legend has it that runners who pay tribute to Arthur as they pass by placing flowers in the niche and doffing their peak with the greeting "good morning sir", will enjoy a strong second half of the race.


Wall of Honour

This wall is situated near Drummond, the Halfway Point, overlooking the Valley of 1000 Hills and was created to serve as a permanent landmark to commemorate the achievement of Comrades runners who have completed the epic journey between Pietermaritzburg and Durban. Runners may purchase a block upon which is mounted a plaque recording their name, and number. 


45th Cutting

This is named after the British 45th Regiment of foot (Sherwood Foresters) stationed in Natal between 1843 and 1859 and who constructed a cutting through the hill near the present Mayville and is situated approx. 8 km from Durban. On the up-run, this offers a moderately taxing ascent from the bottom of Mayville to the summit at 45th Cutting. 


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