Lisa Burgdorf – Participant in the 2017 Greater Edendale Race

Date: Sunday, 12 November 2017 at 07h30

Venue: FNB Wadley Stadium, Georgetown, Edendale, Pietermaritzburg


Lisa Burgdorf and her friend, Carmen Bell will be running the 11th edition of the Greater Edendale 10km Race on Sunday, 12 November 2017.

Both Lisa and Carmen are dieticians at Edendale Hospital and have completed the Maritzburg Marathon 21km earlier this year, in addition to other races.

Delaine Cools chatted to Lisa Burgdorf about her love for running, her passion for the great outdoors and her favourite running courses in Pietermaritzburg...


Q. Why did you decide to run the Greater Edendale Race?

A. Working at Edendale Hospital, we jumped at the chance to run in the area, in the community that we love. An injury has prevented me from doing longer runs, so I'm looking forward to trying a fast 10 km.


Q. What do you enjoy about the event?

A. I'm excited to see more of Edendale on foot, and to participate with some of my other colleagues and friends who are running too.


Q. You are married and have a daughter called Daisy. Is your family supportive of your running?

A. Very. My husband, Richard, holds the fort while I shoot off a few times a week for my precious run or the occasional race. Daisy (who is 4 years old) is a keen little runner too: we love watching the Comrades runners finishing the race when we can, and Daisy often insists on running home (usually in her ballet shoes!).


Q. What is your favourite food before and after a run?

A. It it's a long run, then usually a slice of wholewheat toast with peanut butter beforehand, and a chocolate milk afterwards.


Q. Where do you enjoy running and what is your favourite training course?

A. I love running around Maritzburg. My favourite routes are around Hayfields, Scottsville, Pelham and into the commercial part of town. My best runs are slow, long ones through town on Saturday mornings.


Q. Do you enjoy running alone or in a group?

A. I run with Run/ Walk for Life running club, which is wonderful. Once we're on the road though, I usually separate from the larger numbers and run with my other fabulous running partner, Kim, or alone if she's not there. I like the initial chatting and catching-up at the start of a run, but eventually I look for the silent meditation of footsteps on tar.


Q. Do you participate in any other sport?

A. Running has won my heart, so, apart from the odd bicep curl or yoga stretch in my lounge, no!


Q. How has running changed your life?

A. Wow, it has completely transformed me and my life. I've made good friends, become fitter, and realised how much I can achieve, when I initially set out to do 5km three times a week as my sole goal.