AmaBeadiBeadi Charity Merchandise

The primary purpose of the AmaBeadiBeadi Charity shop is to raise funds for The Comrades Marathon official Charities.

100% of proceeds from sales will go directly to our official Charities. These Charities bring huge value to their local communities, focusing on issues of community development, fighting hunger, health & wellness, AIDS care & support as well as environmental conservation. Each purchase made from our charity shop will go to a good cause, help make a difference!

If you would like to purchase any of the below items please email:

Comrades Marathon Beanie (Yellow or Black)

R60.00 In Stock

I Love Comrades Key Chain

R30.00 In Stock

Lapel Pins (per set)

R60.00 In Stock

AmaBeadiBeadi Beads (set of 5)

R100.00 In Stock

Neoprene Bottle Sleeve

R20.00 In Stock