Comrades Coach, Lindsey Parry shares some hints and tips towards a successful #Comrades2019.

4 weeks to go:

The next four weeks are all centred around getting you to the start line fresh, injury-free, healthy and excited.

It's been a hard 4 months of training; your body is likely showing some creaks and mentally you may be feeling a bit rough too. At the same time, you should be feeling strong, fit and confident after conquering Loskop, Two Oceans, or Comrades long runs over the past few weeks.

It’s time to start cutting back gently, not too sharp. We want another 2 weeks of moderate training but the long runs can be much shorter and more gentle.

If you have any pains, niggles or sniffles, get them treated asap. Starting pain-free gives you your best chance of a finish.

Eat and sleep well over the next few weeks, shore up your energy, both mentally and literally.

The hardest part of the training is done, it's time to start planning the big day. Enjoy  your race!