“I am a wife and a mom to two beautiful kids, Simphiwe aged 8, and Lonwabo 2. Being a runner has definitely added so much value to my life and that of my family.

I could not have asked for a better, more loving and more understanding family. They support me on my runs and make life more meaningful. My running journey started in 1996 whilst I was on a mission to lose weight. I soon got hooked.

I took a big leap in 2004 to run my first Comrades with my sister Lebogang Mokoana (Green No. 53542) clocking in a time of 11:54:25.

I managed to start 10 Comrades Marathons but have only completed 8 so far. I remember not making the cut-off at Polly Shortts in 2013 and feeling so sad. At the time I thought I was doing this not just for myself but for my family too. I felt bad that I was letting them down but such is Comrades!

With this most famous of road-running races, you learn lessons every time you take on the Comrades Marathon. It is a long road to conquer and a beautiful journey with so many people of every race creed and culture, sharing this amazing trip with you!

I have not run this Ultimate Human Race since 2015.

At the age of 40 I'm looking forward to being one of the runners standing on the start line of the 2019 Comrades Marathon and conquering Polly Shortts to complete my prized Comrades Number 9. My children are looking forward to me bringing home my next Comrades medal.

This month’s winner of the Arnica Ice hamper is Fortunate Mosheqane.