Having noted conflicting statements and confusion as to whether Xolani Luvuno was awarded a medal at the finish of the 2018 Comrades Marathon, CMA Chairperson Cheryl Winn has clarified that by prior agreement with Xolani Luvuno and his coach Hein Venter, it was clearly understood by all parties concerned long prior to the race on Sunday 10 June that he would not be eligible to receive a finishers medal.

“Comrades Marathon finishers medals, with the exception of Gold Medals which are awarded to the first 10 male & female finishers, are awarded on the basis of strictly defined time criteria as follows: Wally Hayward for sub-6 hours, Silver for a sub-7½ hours, Bill Rowan for sub-9 hours, Bronze for sub-11 hours and Vic Clapham for sub-12 hours.

“Xolani Luvuno, having been given special permission to utilise the Comrades Marathon route and facilities in his admirable quest to conquer the distance, began his journey at 00:30 a full 5 hours ahead of the field, and completed the distance in a total time of 15 hours and 50 minutes. With all the hullaballoo about a medal, the obvious question which arises is which of the medal’s time criteria did he meet?

“The bottom line is that the Comrades Marathon Association applauds Xolani’s courageous and remarkable achievement and will in due course find some appropriate means to recognise it. CMA is totally committed to the inclusive participation of athletes with disabilities and we will apply our minds to the appropriate means of recognition.” – Cheryl Winn, Chairperson: Comrades Marathon Association

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  • CMA Chairperson, Cheryl Winn on 082 779 0824
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