AmaBeadiBeadi History

After 75 years of enormous support from people of South Africa, CMA decided it was time to put something back into the communities that has been graciously supporting the event since its inception in 1921. 

AmaBeadiBeadi Charity drive was born. Since 1996 Comrades Marathon Association’ Amabeadibeadi Charity Drive have raised over R71-million for worthy causes through the Comrades Marathon’s Race4Charity and with the generosity of Comrades runners, supporters, volunteers, sponsors, and partners. 

Make every kilometre count by fundraising for one of our official charities. We support six different charities you may choose from; all doing incredible work to help others and improve lives.

Race 4 Charity Info


Race4Charity offers runners an opportunity to turn their running efforts into something great for charity. The campaign is intended to foster wider support for charitable fundraising for the CMA’s six official charities.

Every cent you raise counts and adds to our charities incredible cause. In addition, should you raise R6000 or more, you will have the opportunity to improve your seeding to C batch, although this is not a requirement. Any amount can be raised for charity!

P.S If you donate R100 or more when entering for Comrades, you will receive an Amabeadibeadi gift inside your race pack at Race Registration.


I am a Comrades Marathon Runner: When entering participants will have the option of joining Race 4 Charity before completing an entry. Once you have selected yes to create a Race 4 Charity page, participants will then get to choose which one of the five AmaBeadiBeadi charities they would like to support. Once a Race 4 Charity page has been created your name will appear on the Race 4 Charity fundraiser page. Let the fundraising begin!

To support your favourite Runner: Find them on the Race 4 Charity fundraiser page by clicking on this LINK. Once on the Race 4 Charity fundraiser page, click on their name to make a donation to their cause. You can also send them a message of support when making a donation on their fundraising page.

Get your family and fellow runners to support your cause: Send your fundraising page link to your donors, who can then donate by one of the following methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Instant EFT

Please follow the steps below to donate:

  • Click on the Race 4 Charity fundraiser page
  • Type your name in the search block
  • Click on your name to go to your fundraising page. You can then copy the URL and send it to your family and friends to donate to your cause.
  • Click on Donate Now to load a donation. Complete the required fields, leave a message of support and proceed to the payment portal.
  • Payments can be made via Visa, MasterCard or Instant EFT.
  • Once your payment has been loaded it will reflect on your fundraising page.

The spirit of the Comrades Marathon is said to be embodied by attributes of camaraderie, selflessness, dedication, perseverance, and UBUNTU which simply means humanity towards others. Beyond the sense of achievement that you will get from finishing the Comrades Marathon, running on behalf of a charity will give you further purpose for completing the event.

Make a change

Each one of us can make a difference but together we make a change. Your donations help us give orphaned children what every child needs to flourish, help those in dire situation and help save the ocean and the environment. By joining Race4Charrity you will be changing lives.


We all have days where we find ourselves hitting the wall during training or the race itself. Raising funds for charity can give you an extra incentive to keep on going not only for yourself but those who are less fortunate. Knowing the cause is no longer about you helps you push beyond the limits.


Comrades Marathon is a world-renowned ultramarathon, this is an ideal stage to increase an awareness about the worthy cause to the whole world. Abundance of national T.V and other mass media coverage plus thousands of spectators along the route.

Friendly support.

Spectators give charity superheroes an unmatched, unconditional, and unwavering support on the race day. But there is nothing that will beat that warm and fuzzy feeling you will receive on your charity organization who are guaranteed to be on the route on the race day. This will make you gradually increase your fundraising efforts.

Charities We Support



CHOC is the only organization in South Africa that provides comprehensive country wide support for children with cancer and other life-threatening blood disorders, and their families.



Calling all Comrades Superheroes! We need you to make an impact in the lives of 6 000 under-resourced children, under the age of five, living in impoverished areas throughout KwaZulu-Natal. The first five years of a child’s life are essential in developing mental, physical, social, and emotional skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Join us in our quest and give your Comrades journey extra life-giving purpose. Run for Community Chest Durban and Pietermaritzburg and raise much-needed funds for Early Childhood Development.



Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust (HACT) is tackling HIV/AIDS through the holistic and family-centred interventions including education, prevention, community empowerment, income generation and HIV/TB/cancer care. Our geographical focus area is the rural and economically disadvantaged communities of the Valley of 1000 Hills, one of the epicentres of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and directly on the Comrades route.



Rise Against Hunger (RAH) was established in the USA in 1998 by Dr Ray Buchanan, it is an International organisation that coordinates the distribution of food and other life-saving aid worldwide.

Rise Against Hunger Africa is a volunteer-based meal packaging and results oriented nutrition programme, which was started in South Africa in 2009. There are currently four full-time operations (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kwa-Zulu Natal and East London).



SANParks Honorary Rangers is the official volunteer organization of South African National Parks. With over 2000 volunteer members in 31 regions covering all 20 national parks, we are passionately committed to conserving our natural heritage for generations to come. Our members give freely of our time and skills to foster conservation in our national parks. The SANParks Honorary Rangers is a registered public benefit and non-profit organisation and SANParks' preferred channel for public support, providing opportunities for individuals and businesses to support conservation initiatives in South Africa’s national parks.



“There are few things that are worse than knowing that your 3 year old daughter has been raped by her uncle, there are a few things better than knowing that you can help this child to heal and help to bring the perpetrator to book”

We at Childline KZN continue daily to help eradicate this scourge of abuse against our children.

Kwa-Zulu Natal continues to experience a high volume of violent crimes against our vulnerable children, and it is only through organizations like ours and individuals like you that we can make an impact. Sadly, the impact we make touches a mere percentage of children abused. Through consistent media partnerships and campaigns, we can communicate our message to more children and families across the province. Sadly, our services are needed more and more every day. So, until we have a society free of abuse, Childline KZN will be here, giving children a voice, fighting for their protection, and providing the care to help rebuild society.


Our Achievements

Funds Raised since 1996

Funds Raised since 1996


Funds Raised In 2023

Funds Raised In 2023

R4 945 096

All Donations Go To

All Donations Go To

CMA Official Charities

To donate via EFT please use the below banking details:

ACCOUNT HOLDER: Comrades Marathon Association
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62942789960
REFERENCE: (Name of the charity of your choice or AmaBeadiBeadi to split your donation equally amongst all Official Charities)

For Section 18A SARS Tax Certificate email

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