The Comrades Marathon is hosted and directed under the rules and regulations of World Athletics (WA), Athletics South Africa (ASA) and KwaZulu Natal Athletics (KZNA). All entrants must comply with all applicable rules and regulations, including those set out within this document.


All entrants are required to provide accurate information, including age, gender, qualifying race, qualifying time, club registration and place of domicile, when completing their application for entry to the race. The Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) reserves the right to reject the entry and participation of any entrant who has failed to comply with this requirement.

All South African entrants must supply the full name of the ASA-affiliated club with which they are registered as well as the number of the permanent licence issued by the relevant provincial athletics body to the entrant for the year in which the race is being run.

The domicile rule (Rule 5 of the ASA Domestic Rules and Regulations) will be strictly enforced with the exception of South African National Athletes as defined in Rule 6 of the ASA Domestic Rules and Regulations).

All International/Foreign entrants must comply with all WA and ASA Competition Rules and Technical Rules including those rules and regulations related to advertising and marketing. The CMA reserved the right to reject the entry and participation of any entrant who fails to comply with this requirement.


Entries and race numbers are assigned to each specific entrant and may not be transferred, reproduced, replicated or modified under any circumstances. Entrants may not: (1) give or sell their entry/race number to another person; (2) receive or purchase an entry/race number from another person; (3) modify or make copies or other reproductions/replications of their entry/race number; and/or (4) participate in the Comrades Marathon with an unofficial entry/race number (i.e. an entry or race number not specifically allocated to them by the CMA).

The only exception to the above rule concerns the formal substitution of an entry during the official substitution period facilitated by the CMA between 15 March and 15 April 2024.


Entry fees are non-refundable and may not be deferred or transferred.


All entrants must comply with all WA and ASA rules and regulations concerning race apparel and advertising during competition. These provisions will apply for the entire duration of the race including warm up, all race ceremonies and official press conferences. Under no circumstances may an entrant display a political slogan in any manner or form.

All participants belonging to a club affiliated with Athletics South Africa are encouraged to wear their official club colours, as officially registered with their provincial federation. Only South African participants wearing their official club colours will qualify for a team prize.

Headsets or Earphones will not be allowed on race day.


All contender athletes (i.e. entrants likely to compete for a Top 10 and/or age category prizes) may be subject to drug testing by the South African Institute of Drug-Free Sport. Such testing will include (but is not limited to) the collection of samples immediately after the race.


The CMA will not tolerate cheating in any form and, following consultation with the Chief Referee, reserves the right to disqualify (or reject the entry of) any athlete who—
  • submits inaccurate and/or fraudulent qualifying information;
  • starts the race in a faster seeding batch than the one printed on your race number;
  • fails to cross all official timing check points (i.e. course cutting);
  • participates in the Comrades Marathon as a relay; and/or
  • makes use of prohibited performance enhancing substances before and/or during the race.
  • The CMA further reserves its right to declare null and void the result of any athlete who—
  • engages in or displays unsportsmanlike behaviour;
  • refuses to follow the instructions of a race official or marshal;
  • deliberately and intentionally litters (i.e. disposes of any waste in a place other than a waste bin);
  • makes use of a toilet reserved for use by the opposite gender (i.e. only biological females may make use of the ladies-only toilets); and/or
  • defecates in public.


No pacing of contender/elite entrants will be permitted.

Pacing is defined as: any athlete running with another participant to specifically assist him/her. Pacing is not permitted between age and gender categories when either entrant wishes to be eligible for gender/age-category/team prize money (e.g. a male entrant may not pace a female entrant; and an older entrant may not pace a younger entrant). Failure to adhere to this rule may lead to disqualification.

No spectators or supporters may drive, cycle or run alongside any entrant on the course. The course will remain closed to all non-accredited vehicles for the entire duration of the race.

Any entrant being found carried along the course and/or before the finish line will be liable for disqualification.


No prizes (including the payment of prizemoney and the handing over of trophies and/or medals) will be released until all drug testing results have been received (regardless of whether the athlete concerned was tested or not). All prizemoney is subject to South African tax laws and may take up to 3 months to process.

For further information please contact:
The CMA Office
18 Connaught Rd, Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg, 3201
Tel: +27 (0)33 897 8650


Your Final Race Instructions form part of the race rules and will be emailed to you, be available on the Comrades Marathon website